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Dinh Law Firm provides legal services in immigration and personal injury matters. Led by Tony Vu Dinh, the attorneys and staff at Dinh Law firm provide professional and attentive care for your legal case. Dinh Law Firm handles all aspects of business and family-based immigration issues. With extensive knowledge and experience in the immigration field, the attorneys at Dinh Law Firm have been successful in obtaining visas, green cards and citizenship for individuals and investors, as well as defending individuals in deportation and removal proceedings. Dinh Law Firm represents clients throughout the U.S. and abroad, especially in South East Asia. No matter the location, Dinh Law Firm is able to bring our expertise to our clients.

Dinh Law Firm represents clients in Texas and throughout the country with their car accidents and other personal injury accidents. Dinh Law Firm has over a decade of experience fighting for injured persons and their families against small and large insurance companies. We have won millions for our clients and successfully resolved thousands of cases. With our considerable legal knowledge and years of experience, Dinh Law Firm gets the compensation that clients need and deserve.

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What Our Clients Say

“Finding help after my car accident was difficult and time consuming.Dinh law firm made the process bearable from beginning to end. From signing papers and dealing with insurance, they made it seem effortless.

Attorney Henry Trinh and his legal assistant Ai Lien Triet were very tentative, helpful, and responsive to all my questions and concerns.

I love that they were there to answer any questions I had. Ailien was awesome to work with and kept me in the loop.

Great team!!

Thank you Dinh Law Firm”

-Ketmany S.

“I brought my case to Dinh Law Firm and they went above and beyond for me. Julie and Terri both helped me from beginning to end making sure case went smoothly. Both were very responsive answering my many questions. Highly recommend their firm!”

-Jacqueline N.

“I was in a car accident a few months ago and I decided to go with Dinh Law Firm to help me with the case. They did a really good job at staying in touch with me and answering all the questions that I had, especially from Lori Tran. I would definitely recommend my friends/family to use them next time.”

-Daniel N.

“I was in an accident a few years ago, and I used Dinh Law Firm. Ai Lien and Henry was totally helpful along the way letting me know the details and informing on information I needed. I was afraid how lawyers are and how this process was, but they were able to make me comfortable. I received a fair share from insurances to cover any future cost. I was lucky with my accident that it didn’t involve my personal vehicle at the time. I had a rental that was involved, but they were able to take care of it since it was more complicated. I would use and recommend Dinh Law Firm for any future needs for you and for me.”

-Dyanuh D.