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Immigration issues are often complex and time-consuming, that’s why you need the help of our immigration attorneys in Houson. Do you need the hand of a legal expert who specializes in these types of matters? Our team at Dinh Law Firm, P.C. handle all aspects of family and business immigration cases.

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At Dinh Law Firm, P.C., we have more than 23 years of experience and expertise in immigration law. We can advise you on the best legal options for your specific situation.

If you wish to bring your family to the U.S., work or simply stay in the U.S., please complete our online form or call us at 281-879-0447.

Our immigration lawyers in Houston work tirelessly to provide high-quality legal services. Whether you’re seeking a visa, facing possible deportation or preparing for a hearing, legal representation is essential to any immigration proceeding.

Will our Houston immigration lawyers at Dinh Law Firm, P.C. take on your case?

Immigration legal cases can take a long time to process with the corresponding authorities. If yours is still going through the regular processing time, there’s not much to do but wait. However, if you’ve been waiting beyond the regular time period, you may need to check the status of your application with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


A certified immigration lawyer in Houston will take on your case if one or more of the following are true:

  • You’re not sure if you’re a candidate for a Green Card.
  • You haven’t received government assistance.
  • You’re applying for voluntary relief that involves convincing U.S. immigration officials to make an exception.
  • Your immigration status makes it difficult to get a Green Card or other legal benefits.
  • You’re dealing with potential deportation proceedings.
  • You were denied an immigration petition in the past.
  • You’re in the process of moving to the United States for work and your employer isn’t helping you with the legal process.
  • You realized that there are many documents that require a certain amount of preparation to be sent to the appropriate authorities.

What types of legal services do our Houston immigration lawyers provide at Dinh Law Firm, P.C.?

With Dinh Law Firm, P.C., you’ll work with a reputable and experienced immigration law firm with over 23 years of experience. Our experts will support you and give you legal guidance through every step of the process.

Our Houston immigration lawyers at Dinh Law Firm, P.C. will make your entire legal journey fair and transparent. Our certified immigration attorney services include:

  1. Providing legal advice and guidance in case of uncertainty
  2. Helping identify any red flags in your case
  3. Reviewing and asking you for supporting documentation
  4. Completing immigration forms for you
  5. Helping you prepare and submit forms/packets to the appropriate immigration agency
  6. Providing you with feedback after the interview or hearing
  7. Reviewing the final decision

If you’re interested in hiring our immigration lawyers in Houston, please complete this online form or call us at 281-879-0447.


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We pride ourselves in helping people through difficult times. Whether you’ve been injured or need immigration assistance, we believe in helping our clients from beginning to end.

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When should you hire an immigration lawyer near you?

Immigration law in the United States is extremely complicated, especially these days. When it comes to what matters most to you, you don’t want to take chances. It’s important to have a lawyer who specializes in immigration law by your side to help you make the right decisions.

Below are some situations when hiring an immigration lawyer in Houston may be beneficial to you:

  1. You have questions about your Green Card eligibility.
  2. You’re facing deportation or removal proceedings.
  3. You’re accused of committing a criminal offense.
  4. You’re an entrepreneur looking to invest in the United States.
  5. You need to move to the United States for work.
  6. You’re seeking asylum or discretionary relief.
  7. You were deported and wish to return to the United States.

How can you get an immigration visa to live in Houston?

To get a U.S. immigration visa, there are a few different types available such as.

  • Work visa
  • Family visa
  • Fiancée visa

Benefits of immigrating to the United States

There are several benefits of immigrating to the United States. One of them is the quality of life that this country offers. Green Card holders have access to the rights of a U.S. citizen, while also maintaining their current citizenship.

Other benefits include:

  • You’re free to live and work anywhere
  • Students with green cards can apply for student loans.
  • If you’re an investor, you can establish a business.
  • If you get an immigration visa, you can also apply for a visa for your spouse and children to join you.

Immigration statistics in the United States and Houston

According to official data, there are more than 1.6 million immigrants and 70,000 refugees in Houston.

In addition, U.S. immigrant numbers are on the rise. For example, 44.9 million immigrants were living in the country during 2019, the highest historical number since census records have been kept.

In 2019, immigrants made up 13.7% of the total U.S. population, a figure still below the all-time high of 14.8% in 1890.

Likewise, data from a Census Bureau report estimates that 245,000 people migrated to the United States in 2021, down nearly 50% from the previous year.

How long does it take to get an immigration visa to live in Houston?

In general, it takes approximately 6 to 10 months from the initial filing of the immigrant petition to get approved at the U.S. Consulate for an immigrant visa or Green Card. These times may vary depending on the backlog of cases.

How can you expedite your immigration process in Houston?

The immigration process can be intimidating and time-consuming, but hiring certified immigration lawyers in Houston to support your case can speed up the process and help you meet your goal of living in the United States.

What can you expect at your initial consultation with our Houston certified immigration lawyers at Dinh Law Firm, P.C.?

At the first consultation, you should bring all personal documents that relate to your situation, such as your passport, a legal marriage certificate and/or a visa.

This initial meeting is your opportunity to explain your circumstances to our lawyers and clarify your questions. By providing ample information, you’ll minimize possible errors in the legal strategy for your case.

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For more than 23 years, our experts at Dinh Law Firm, P.C. have been dedicated to protecting and representing the entire Houston community. Fill out our online form or call us at 281-879-0447.

Is there an upfront cost to hiring a certified immigration attorney in Houston?

Hiring the best immigration lawyers in Houston is likely to cost you a few thousand dollars. For this reason, it’s important to have an initial consultation with a legal advisor to get this conversation started, as immigration lawyer fees vary greatly depending on the legal services they perform.

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If you want to immigrate to the United States, choose an excellent immigration attorney who makes you feel comfortable and confident in their expertise.

Contact our immigration attorneys in Houston at Dinh Law Firm, P.C. by completing this online form or calling us at 281-879-0447. We’re committed to you and your family, and will help fight for your rights.

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